Meowna Popular Movie APP (Android)

This is a project to build an APP for the popular movies searching.

github:  MeownaPopularMovie

Android, Java, Picasso library and API

Udacity- Associate Android Developer Fast: Project 1 Track:–nd818

  1. Using GridView to display the movies.
  2. extends AsyncTask<String, Void, MovieTable>
  3. In a background thread, app queries the /movie/popular or /movie/top_rated API for the sort criteria specified in the settings menu.

       4. UI contains a screen for displaying the details for a selected movie.

  • When a movie poster thumbnail is selected, the movie details screen is launched.   Movie details layout contains
  • Movie details layout contains the title, release date, movie poster, vote average, and plot synopsis.
  • Scrollable and Rotatable.

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