Add/ Delete/ Update Data –> SQLite Database

github: T07.03-GetAllTheData , T07.04-UpdateTheAdapter , T07.05-AddGuests , T7.06-RemoveGuests



Delete Guest:

// TODO (1) Create a new function called removeGuest that takes long id as input and returns a boolean
public boolean removeGuest(Long id){
    // TODO (2) Inside, call mDb.delete to pass in the TABLE_NAME and the condition that WaitlistEntry._ID equals id
    return mDb.delete(WaitlistContract.WaitlistEntry.TABLE_NAME,
            WaitlistContract.WaitlistEntry._ID+" = " +id, null) > 0;
// TODO (6) Retrieve the id from the cursor and
long id = mCursor.getLong(mCursor.getColumnIndex(WaitlistContract.WaitlistEntry._ID));

// TODO (7) Set the tag of the itemview in the holder to the id
public void onSwiped(RecyclerView.ViewHolder viewHolder, int direction) {
    // TODO (8) Inside, get the viewHolder's itemView's tag and store in a long variable id
    //get the id of the item being swiped
    long id = (long) viewHolder.itemView.getTag();

    // TODO (9) call removeGuest and pass through that id
    //remove from DB

    // TODO (10) call swapCursor on mAdapter passing in getAllGuests() as the argument
    //update the list

Add Guest:

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